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From September 11th to November 30th, 2023, NAPAS will cooperate with Bao Kim Electronic Commerce Jsc. to implement campaign “Pay tuition fee, receiving 100,000 VND immediately” to students of nearly 10 universities and training facilities nationwide. This is one of many attractively incentive programs of tuition reduction for students when using the online payment method that NAPAS coordinates with partners during the opening time for new school year.

Accordingly, when customers who are NAPAS cardholders and students at universities pay tuition fee online by NAPAS card via Bao Kim payment gateway, they will be given a promotional code of 100,000 VND (deducted directly from the value of the payment transaction) for transactions of 200,000 VND or more. The total number of students receiving the incentive is expected to reach 16,000 students nationwide.

Unlock massive savings - get a jaw-dropping 100,000 VND on with Bao Kim payment gateway via NAPAS card - Ảnh 1.

This incentive program is applied within the scope of schools/educational or training establishments that have cooperated with Bao Kim in implementing the online tuition payment system, including:

- University of Economics - Technology for Industries

- Saigon Tourism College

- School for Higher Academic & Professional Education, University of Transport Ho Chi Minh City

- Hong Bang International University

- University of Finance and Business Administration

- Vietnam National University - International School

- Thanh Do University

- Ho Chi Minh City University of Culture

Online tuition fee payment transaction by NAPAS card is done simply and easily by the following steps:

- Step 1: Access the official websites of schools/educational establishments.

- Step 2: Log in/Register an access account if you do not have an account.

- Step 3: Select "Pay tuition fee"

- Step 4: Select "Pay"

+ Choose Bao Kim Payment Gateway

+ Select the payment method of NAPAS Card

- Step 5: Enter the card information and complete the payment

See the instructions on payment steps Click here .

The implementation of online tuition fee payment methods in numerous schools/educational institutions has opened up a world of convenience for both parents and students. No longer bound by the constraints of traditional payment methods that require physical presence, this new era of payment offers a hassle-free and lightning-fast way to settle all fees associated with their schools/education institutions. This payment method not only brings unparalleled convenience, saving you valuable time and allowing you to make payments from anywhere, but it also comes at no extra cost. Furthermore, it ensures utmost security, safeguarding against the risk of losing money for both students and parents.

In the future, in order to encourage the tuition fee payment through electronic payment methods such as cards, QR codes, and more, NAPAS will coordinate with reputable partners to implement large-scale tuition fee payment discount programs for students across the country on the occasion of the new school year. Through these enticing discount programs, students and parents will quickly familiarize themselves with the online tuition fee payment, ultimately contributing to the transformation of old habits and the further development of cashless transactions in the lives of Vietnamese people.

NAPAS cards are issued by Vietnamese banks and financial companies. Now, these card product lines include prepaid cards, domestic debit cards and domestic credit cards. NAPAS cards employ advanced chip technology, meeting both the basic domestic chip card standards issued by the State Bank of Vietnam and EMV international standards, encrypting information for each transaction, ensuring information security for cardholders. With NAPAS cards, customers can confidently make payments and expenditures via cards, while also safeguarding against fraudulent or counterfeit transactions.

Since 2021, NAPAS has cooperated with Baokim, a leading payment intermediary solution provider in Vietnam, to integrate cashless online payment solutions into the student management systems of over 300 schools at all levels nationwide. As of now, nearly 200,000 students nationwide, along with millions of students at all levels, are paying online tuition fees via Baokim Portal.

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