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Napas Domestic Card

NAPAS domestic cards (NAPAS cards) are issued by banks and financial companies in Vietnam with a BIN issued by the State Bank (card number starting with '9704'). NAPAS cards comply with the basic standards of chip cards for domestic payment in Vietnam known as VCCS, issued by the State Bank of Vietnam. With modern chip card technology which helps prevent fraudulent transactions, frictionless card transactions are made with exceptional safety.

Contactless NAPAS Domestic Card Identification:

The front of the card contains the chip and the contactless symbol, the issuing bank logo, and the NAPAS logo (described directly as in the above picture).

Cards have a magnetic stripe and other policies & regulations of each bank (described directly as in the above picture).

Instructions to pay using NAPAS Chip Card on card reader (POS):

With contactless cards, customers only need to put/ touch/wave the card closely on the card reader device (POS) that has a contactless acceptance sign. Transactions are completed in seconds without PIN requirement for small value transactions or depends on the policy of each bank.

With a contact card, the customer needs to put the card (the card head contains the chip) into the card reader slot, then enter the PIN code to authenticate the transaction.

NAPAS Domestic Debit Card - NAPAS Debit Card

Make card transactions within the amount available on the cardholder's payment account opened at banks.

Pay for goods and services at card-accepting units (online, offline)

Transfer/internal transfer via interbank 247

Withdrawal 247 interbank via NAPAS system

Print statements

Change PIN code

Napas domestic credit card - Napas Credit Card

Spend first, pay later

Free interest up to 45 - 55 days (depending on the policy of each bank)

Pay for goods and services at card-accepting units (online, offline)

Make installment payments and have many incentives from issuers, payment organizations and NAPAS

Withdrawal money at ATMs of issuers.

Napas domestic prepaid card - Napas Prepaid Card

Pay first, spend later

Provide 2 types of cards: With identifier and unidentifier

Pay for goods and services at card-accepting units (online, offline)

Transfer/internal transfer via interbank 247

Withdrawal 24/7 via interbank by NAPAS system

NAPAS multifunctional/domestic dual card -NAPAS Combo Card

This unique card product integrates features of domestic debit and credit cards in one physical card. The domestic dual card helps the banks simplify their card issuance procedures and processes, meets the diverse spending and shopping needs of customers as well as enhances the convenience and safety during usage.

NAPAS Cards Overseas Acceptance Network:

Issuing members
Applicable Card type
Acceptance points
BC Card
TPBank, Agribank, BIDV, MB, Sacombank, SHB, NAB, ABBank, VIB, VCCB, Wooribank, Vietbank, BaoVietBank, BAB, Coopbank, VRB, Saigonbank, MAFC, VietABank
- TPBank (magnetic stripe cards and chip cards)
- Chip cards from other banks
ATMs and POS merchants of BC Card network that display NAPAS brand marks.
Some popular acceptance locations: Shila duty-free, CU stores, Hwachang Tosan, Donghwang Tosan, Dream Plastic Surgery, Sofitel Seoul Hotel, Ediya Coffee stores.

Agribank, VRB, Saigonbank, SeABank, ABBank, GPBank, HDBank
Magnetic stripe cards
ATMs of KFTC network
BIDV, Agribank, VRB, Saigonbank, SeABank, ABBank, GPBank, HDBank, VietABank
All cards
ATMs of LaoVietBank
Agribank, VRB, Saigonbank, SeABank, ABBank, GPBank, HDBank
Magnetic stripe cards
ATMs of NITMX network
Agribank, Saigonbank, SeABank, ABBank, GPBank, HDBank
Magnetic stripe cards
ATMs of Paynet network
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