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QR code payment service is the service that provides the technical infrastructure to connect, transmit and process electronic data for making payment transactions by QR codes between payment intermediary service providers and banks; thereby allowing payment transactions by QR code at payment acceptance points by using QR Code Payment Applications. 


icon-complete Deployed by Merchant-presented method (The payment acceptance shows QR codes for customers to scan the code)

icon-complete The QR code standard complies with the State Bank of Vietnam’s EMVCo Basic Standard

icon-complete Apply for Payment Acceptance Points with transaction points/points of offline and online sale in Vietnam and abroad (Thailand).

Service benefits

Provide customers and payment acceptance points with a new and modern payment channel

Increase convenience and satisfaction for customers

Attract more customers including domestic and international customers, maintaining the existing customers

Expand payment acceptance channels for customers to help increase payment acceptance ability of payment acceptance units

Support various payment applications

Do not need to integrate with multiple parties, saving time and resources

Service model

List of service participating units

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