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From September 1, 2023 to November 30, 2023, the National Payment Corporation of Vietnam (NAPAS) will cooperate with Sacombank to organize a special promotion program called “Getting the Cashback Wave With NAPAS Credit Card” exclusively for NAPAS SACOMBANK domestic credit card product line including NAPAS Easy, NAPAS Family and NAPAS Combo card.

Accordingly, existing customers or customers who open new NAPAS domestic credit cards during the program period and have payment transactions from 400,000 VND will receive a refund of 200,000 VND. For NAPAS Combo cards - integrating credit and debit features in the same physical card, refunds will be considered based on transaction volume arising from the credit feature.

Each customer is refunded once during the program period. For more details about the promotion click here.

Instant refund of 200,000 VND when opening and paying by NAPAS SACOMBANK domestic credit card - Ảnh 1.

With the increasing non-cash payment habit of people, especially young people, the NAPAS Easy, NAPAS Family and NAPAS Combo card product lines not only meets the customer needs but also brings practical experiences and benefits.

In addition to the "buy now, pay later" feature like other credit cards, NAPAS Easy credit card, NAPAS Family credit card and NAPAS Combo card enjoy an interest-free period of up to 55 days, installments with 0% interest rate anytime, anywhere, helping customers proactively manage their finances, pay card debt monthly and not pay once when it comes due.

In addition, customers can withdraw cash up to 100% of their credit limit at Sacombank's ATM system when they have urgent financial needs. Also, customers also receive up to 50% discount at hundreds of shopping, culinary, travel destinations... according to their access list click here.

The card is created by NAPAS with the modern chip technology that meets the basic standards for the domestic chip card issued by the State Bank of Vietnam and EMV international standards, which increases safety and information security for cardholders, encrypts information for each transaction, helping customers feel secure in paying via card, and preventing risks of fraudulent and counterfeit transactions. Also, NAPAS credit cards are integrated with contactless payment technology to make the payment simple and fast, and skip cardholder authentication (skip entering PIN code) for low value transactions.

With the simple registration and card opening procedures and many attractive incentives and promotions, NAPAS domestic credit cards help customers use banking services at reasonable costs, with transparent information and guaranteed customer interests, thereby bringing a cashless payment ecosystem with many utilities, meeting the needs of people, contributing to comprehensive financial universalization in Vietnam.

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