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National Payment Corporation of Vietnam (NAPAS) is the payment intermediary licensed to provide financial switching and electronic clearing services in Vietnam. The main shareholders of NAPAS are the State Bank of Vietnam and commercial banks.

As the national financial switching company and provider of retail payment infrastructure for the economy, NAPAS has been coordinating with Banks, Payment Intermediaries and Partners to provide payment services through cards and bank accounts, contributing to the diversification of the cashless payment system in Vietnam. At the same time, NAPAS also expands the international switching services through cooperation with stakeholders including the Asian Payment Network (APN), international card organizations, and national payment institutions, etc.

In the upcoming time, NAPAS continues to orientate our development, aiming to become the most reliable retail payment network for the Government, Banks, Payment Intermediaries, customers and partners.

Vision, Mission and Core values

Throughout our establishment and development process, NAPAS has always aiming to bring innovative, accessible, easy-to-use, and reliable payment products to Vietnamese people. That vision is based on NAPAS’s core values of Teamwork and Collaboration – Creativity and Innovation – Integrity – Commitment.

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Development journey

In 2016, with the approval of the State Bank of Vietnam, two switching companies Banknetvn and Smartlink merged into one financial switching and retailing payment organization of Vietnam, named National Payment Corporation of Vietnam - NAPAS. Throughout our development journey, NAPAS has always been striving to realize our goal of building and developing a cashless society.

Organizational Structure

NAPAS's organizational structure includes: Board of Shareholders, Supervisory Board, Board of Directors, Board of Executives and 5 Operating groups (Research and Development Group, Technical Group, Business Group, Operating Group and Administration Group). NAPAS has always focusing on establishing high quality workforce, as the foundation for the company's sustainable development, maintaining credibility among people, businesses, banks and partners.

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Social responsibility

As well as striving to realize our goal of a "Cashless society", NAPAS is also taking part in diversifying the cashless payment system, encouraging socio-economic development. NAPAS also continuously contributes to the promotion of sustainable development of the community and society, by taking part in national switching programs; implementing fee reduction policies and organizing social activities, which focus on education, healthcare, transportation, and the well-being children and invalids, etc.

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