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Tap to Phone


Tap to Phone service is implemented by NAPAS for Acquirers, enabling Merchants of Acquirers to use Soft POS devices to accept payments for goods and services.


icon-complete Soft POS device is an intelligent electronic device utilizing Android operating system 8.1 or higher, featuring NFC capability or mobile applications integrated with Tap to Phone SDK. It is designed to accept contactless payments from cards or contactless payment devices.

icon-complete Support many Service Providers in various fields such as telecommunications, digital content services, etc.

icon-complete Increase revenue from deploying services.

Benefit of the services

For Acquirers

Substitution of traditional invoices with E-receipts results in cost savings.

Easy implementation for small Merchants, facilitating rapid network expansion.

Cost - effectiveness: savings in equipment investment, maintenance costs, operation, invoices and so on.

Simplified management of Merchants and seamless integration with third – party solutions.

For Merchants of Acquirers

Utilization of smartphones and tablets as payment acceptance devices, similar to POS.

Acceptance of payments from all types of cards/contactless payment devices.

Convenient payment device portability for on-the-go transactions.

Easy transaction monitoring, revenue management and so on.

For cardholders

Expedited and convenient addition of a new payment method.

Enhancement of user experience and technology awareness.

Prompt execution of "Tap n Go" payments for small transactions, resulting in time savings.

Service Models

With domestic cards

With international cards

+ The model that acquirers implement international card acceptance service with international card organizations

+ The model that acquires implement international card acceptance service with international card organizations

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